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Videos captivate peoples imagination, inspire nations and move industries. With so many uses for video and ever increasing broadband availability, possibilities are limitless. Welcome to the home of video productions, SA INFOcus. Our dedicated team is here to turn your vision into reality.


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Video Production Services

We offer a wide verity of video production services including, branding videos, commercials, non-profit videos, music videos, instructional / explainer videos, interviews and event coverage videos, product videos, script writing, video crew, motion graphics, animation and editing services.

Branding Videos

Branding your company is one of the most important keys to success. There are many types of branding videos including corporate branding, interviews, presentation videos, non-profit videos, vlogs, short videos and explainer videos.

Marketing Videos

Marketing Videos go hand in hand with Branding Videos to extend your brand. Marketing videos play a central role in today’s social media rich society. More than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands while searching for products and services.

Event Videos

Event Videos offer a unique opportunity to really show the heart of your brand. Unscripted, raw, full of emotion and often glamour, Event Videos are an integral part of connecting your brand with consumers, benefactors and staff.

Music Video Production

Music is the key to the soul and Music Videos is one of the most rewarding accomplishments an artist/s can achieve. We love working with artists and Producing Music Videos and we specialize in producing innovative music videos for signed, un-signed and self-funded artists.

Animation & Explainers

Animation and Explainer videos is one of the most powerful and engaging tools in your marketing tool belt. Use explainer videos to launch a new product service or combine animation with reality to make your story come to life in a way that is more than magical.

Non-Profit Videos

Giving back to the community is both rewarding and important. At SA INFOcus we are privileged in finding and working with some of the finest people dedicated to helping their community.

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Our Recent Video Productions

Elevate Your Business With Video’s!

Every day thousands of people are looking for products and services online.
Ask yourself is you business visible on the net?
Can potential clients see your products and services in action?

Discover a whole new world waiting to meet your business!

Bring Your Vision To Life

Every Business Needs Videos
They inspire potential clients to take action. We bring your vision to life through high quality business video adverts, scripted to best portray your business focus and vision.

Connect With Your Clients

First Impression That  Last
Whether you are building your brand or making the best first impression possible, we are here to tell your story, to help you grow your business and expand your brand into new frontiers.

Marketing  Your Business

Generating New Leads & Engaging Clients
Drive results with our visually appealing and immersive video adverts combined with our extensive marketing experience. Extend your reach to new and exiting places both locally and internationally.

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Meet Our Growing Team


Chris Coetzee
(Executive Director)


Lou Roos
(Marketing Director)


Nela Roos


Roz Ross-kent
(Public Relations)


Duncan Coetzee
(Lead Editor)